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“Don’t hide: the snake can see you”

Guided By Voices – “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory” from Bee Thousand (1994)
Led Zeppelin – “Misty Mountain Hop” from IV (1971)

Well, I’m off to the Smoky Mountains for a hiking trip. See you in a week if we don’t freeze to death. Here are a couple of my favorite mountain-themed songs by two great bands who wrote songs about elves.


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“In my stupid hat and gloves”

The Replacements – “Skyway” from Pleased to Meet Me (1987)

Rediscovered this pretty little paean to Minneapolis walkways during a recent 26-hour delay in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. One of Westerberg & Co.’s best.

More ‘Mats on SWR

Sorry Ma, forgot to buy all their albums

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“Take this candle with you and book of matches as well.”

Calexico – “Gift X-Change” and “Crawlspace” from Aerocalexico (2001)

I wish everyone a fine Christmas time. Here are a couple pretty tunes from Aerocalexico to share with your family: “Gift X-Change” for the plane/car ride home if you’re not already there and “Crawlspace” for anytime you forget that the pedal steel guitar makes the most beautiful sounds ever created by men.

I am headed back home to Michigan until January 4. See you then, friends.

More Aerocalexico here

Photo courtesy of Hillside Photos

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“We’re trapped inside the song.”

Silver Jews – “New Orleans” from Starlite Walker (1994) and “Wild Kindness” from American Water (1998)

The Silver Jews is the most consistently under-appreciated group of the last 15 years. Perhaps it’s because David Berman usually stays tucked away in Nashville fostering his country soul.

As a Christmas gift, I give you two of my all-time favorite SJ songs. Notice Stephen Malkmus’ unparalleled guitar stylings especially in “The Wild Kindness.”

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“Fate up against your will”

Echo & the Bunnymen – “The Killing Moon” from Ocean Rain (1984)

Pavement – “The Killing Moon” from Major Leagues EP (1999)

Ever since I heard it in Donnie Darko, I have found this to be one of the creepiest songs ever.  But Pavement provides an appropriately goofy cover without compromising the terrific melody.

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and E & the B-men here

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“There’s too many poets/There’s too many songs”

Bill Fox – “Song of a Drunken Nightingale” from Transit Byzantium (1998)
Tom Waits – “In the Neighborhood” from Swordfishtrombones (1983)

I’ll be in MO and KS for the next week, reenacting the Battle of Westport. As a for-a-while farewell, here’s a beaut from SWR fave Bill Fox and a Tom Waits classic famously described by Jordy’s wife as “A Cookie Monster Christmas.”

See you on Boxing Day.

Tom waits for no man

More Tom Waits on SWR 

Bill Fox is expensive (just buy it from iTunes)

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“I want to keep white roses in their eyes”

Neutral Milk Hotel – “Holland, 1945” from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea [1998]

Jesus Christ this is a beautiful song.

Visionary beauty from another Elephant 6 Collective member, Jeff Mangum. This record captures tragedy and suffering as well as any pop record I can think of. Including Pet Sounds.

Bonus uninteresting trivia!: the wedding of Jordy’s brother featured a Neutral Milk Hotel song.

Check E6 on the web

Buy an Aeroplane here

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