“It’s all about the moderate climates”

Modest Mouse – “The Stars Are Projectors” from The Moon and Antarctica (2000)

Modest Mouse’s 2000 release is, in my opinion, a five-star all-time classic. “The Stars Are Projectors” stands as the most epic and mind-expanding track.

Circles begin here

Check out more photos from the Hubble here

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One response to ““It’s all about the moderate climates”

  1. cat

    i could not agree with you more about this entire post. this album came out when i was 13 (and i only recently turned 21), a freshman in high school, and it helped define those years for me. i just recently replaced it as i lost the hard copy over the years and nostalgia mixed with a newfound appreciation for the album – ESPECIALLY that track – have overwhelmed me these past three weeks. the song has a catalystic build to it, it is epic in a sense…

    aaaand this ends the insomnia induced comment from a girl who has spent too long wandering the archives of your blog. thank you for some amazing music, you’re doing a phenomenal job.

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