“Who has taken you far from my land?”

Calexico – “Clothes of Sand” from Aerocalexico (2001)

Aerocalexico was a tour companion/holiday release. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge and while it has its share of throw-aways, it contains some true gems like this Nick Drake cover.

I find it to be Calexico’s most Tucsonian release. It is music of place. And if you haven’t been to the Southwest, at least pick up some Calexico and try to imagine it. It’s a different state of mind.

It is available only at the group’s website.

Other Calexico here

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3 responses to ““Who has taken you far from my land?”

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  3. i’m straight back to the lazy 8 wishing i was back in a pick up in the desert…

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