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“On a spaceship somewhere sailing across an empty sea”

The Kinks – “This Time Tomorrow” from Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (1970)This song was used to great affect in Wes Anderson’s latest, The Darjeeling Limited. I can’t really recommend the movie but this Kinks album is terrific.

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“Connected are the promenades and waterways/the living waves of harbor nights and city days”

Ted Leo/Pharmacists – “Bridges, Squares” from Hearts of Oak (2003)

Ted Leo writes great songs about walking around. I’ve never been to Beantown, but this song–wherein a walk turns into a rumination on city planning, the commodification of bohemianism, the inter-connectedness of all things, and God’s plans for man–makes me want to go.

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“Here they always play my songs”

Love – “Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale” from Forever Changes (1967)

I just learned that Neil Young was originally slated to produce Love’s late-60s psych-classic. Thanks Wikipedia. This mariachi-esque pop tune sports one of the all-time great song titles, standing out amid an album full of great song titles. Not to mention great songs.

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Which colors?

Charles Mingus – “Self-Portrait in Three Colors” from Mingus Ah Um (1959)

“Self-Portrait” is one of the best examples of Mingus’s beautiful polyphonic writing. Sounds like classical music, almost. This track was originally written for John Cassavettes’s first film, Shadows, and is included on Ah Um, one of the essential albums, and a good record for jazz-curious rock fans to pick up.

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More Mingus on SWR

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I have recently acquired A Tree With Roots (Scorpio, 2001), a bitchingly comprehensive bootleg of Dylan and the Band’s famed Basement Tapes.  It is a remastered version of The Genuine Basement Tapes and contains 108 songs (incl. several alternate takes). The quality is generally great and very raw.  It’s a revelation, believe me.

These tunes were recorded sometime in the Spring/Summer of 1967 in a house in West Saugerties, NY.

As I digest it, I will keep SWR readers informed of the finer points.



More info here and here.

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“Teach me some melodious sonnet”

Sufjan Stevens – “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” from Songs for Christmas, Vol. II (2006)

Thanks to all our readers. We hope your Thanksgiving is as you always remembered it.

Help make Christianity hip

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This little light of mine

Wolf Parade – “Shine a Light” from Apologies to the Queen Mary (2005)
The Constantines – “Shine a Light” from Shine a Light (2003)
The Rolling Stones – “Shine a Light” from Exile on Main Street (1972)

Since I’ll be stuffed and computerless for the the rest of the week, it’s time to say thanks to Jordy–the power behind SWR–and to our loyal listeners? lookers? surfers? with three songs called “Shine a Light,” none of which are covers of each other.

Funny story: the last song played at Jordy’s wedding reception was the Stones’s “Shine a Light.” It was late, the lights were on, and the DJ had already packed up half the speakers. Perfect time for an soulful anthem. All of us left picked ourselves up off of our chairs and began dancing, drunk, tired. After a minute or so, just as it was starting to get emotional, the CD began skipping. We tried to dance for a few more seconds until the skips got too bad. The DJ shut it off, we threw up our hands and went home.

Not included: “Shine” by Collective Soul.

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