“Let him take it from the top.”

The Band – “Stage Fright” from Stage Fright (1970)

The Band were pirates of all manners of American music. And they did it better than any other group of musicians that I can think of.

Each one of them was so accomplished.

I love Rick Danko’s vocal on this song. It’s strong but strained, which gives it that right amount of fragility.

Get caught in the spotlight

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2 responses to ““Let him take it from the top.”

  1. glennlester

    I listened this song a couple times last night. This is the ‘Cosmic American Music’ Gram Parsons was talking about, I think. It’s soul, it’s country, it’s blues, it’s pop. Also, it totally prefigures Elvis Costello: sound, delivery, melody. Great song, Jord-man.

  2. Jordy

    I’m glad you like it, Glenn.

    The whole amalgamation thing is in full effect on these Basement Tapes sessions I’ve been listening to lately. It’s a bold disregard for strict form that led to a lot of creativity. U! S! A!…U! S! A!…

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