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“Psycho ’78!”

The Misfits – “Horror Business” from Horror Business 7″ (1979) and Misfits/Collection I (1986)

Night of the Living Dead” from Walk Among Us (1982)

Happy Hell-o-ween. Those of us who harbor a distaste for the Ramones (ahem, Jordy, ahem) might enjoy the Misfits’ brand of fuzzy ’50s-pop punk rock. The Misfits sound a little less alien (tee, hee) than the Ramones to these ears. While the Ramones have a dull, thuddy surface making the tunes a little tough to hear at first, the Misfits have a certain poppy sheen: they often sound like the Doors sped up.

Though they have impeccable taste in movies, the Misfits have the most confusing discography and release history ever. Get your fix here.

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“Everytime I try to speak, my tongue gets tied.”

Van Morrison – “Cyprus Avenue” from Astral Weeks (1968)

Astral Weeks may be the most beautiful record made in the rock era. Every track aches but the album seems to overcome its own pain until “Slim Slow Slider” when Van gives in and its absolutely devastating. But it’s worth it and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone.

Buy it here

Read Lester Bangs’s review, which is, I dare say, almost as pretty as the record itself.

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“When all the numbers swim together and all the shadows settle”

Califone – “The Orchids” from Roots & Crowns (2006)

Roots & Crowns is easily the best album of 2006. This Psychic T.V. cover is the best song.

Buy Califone here

Looking for a Thrill (Jockey)?



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“I’ve been down the thousand trails”

Steve Earle with Lucinda Williams – “You’re Still Standing There” from I Feel Alright (1996)

Let’s continue with the country. Steve Earle fits the country outlaw image: arrested in Nashville for crack possession, he spent a few years locked up and came back to put a record almost every year for the past ten years. This song skirts the edge of slick boring Gin Blossoms-y roots rock, but the vocal delivery–especially Lucinda’s in the second verse–really sells it. Such a sweet song.

Buy Steve Earle here

Tune into Steve’s radio show (there are a few shows for download somewhere in there)


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The wheel’s still in spin

I simply have to encourage you all to check out Doc Mooney’s set of Dylan tracks from Live at Carnegie Hall 1963. Great stuff.



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Mogwai -“Stanley Kubrick” from Mogwai: EP+2 (1998)

If it’s raining where you are, I suggest you listen to this one and/or put on your favorite Kubrick flick (mine being Dr. Strangelove).

Buy Mogwai here

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“I can’t buy no beer”

Hank Williams – “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It” (1949) and “Dear John” (1950) from 40 Greatest Hits (1978)

After Jordy’s post on the Flying Burrito Brothers a month or so back, I’ve decided to try to get into country music. You’d think that living in the South would help, but people just want to talk about Radiohead. Oh well. Hank sang soulful tunes with such perfect vocal control. Every little crack in his voice–and there aren’t many–means something huge. Plus those lyrics can’t be beat.

Buy Hank here

for more on country, check The Rising Storm or Setting the Woods on Fire

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