“Everytime I try to speak, my tongue gets tied.”

Van Morrison – “Cyprus Avenue” from Astral Weeks (1968)

Astral Weeks may be the most beautiful record made in the rock era. Every track aches but the album seems to overcome its own pain until “Slim Slow Slider” when Van gives in and its absolutely devastating. But it’s worth it and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone.

Buy it here

Read Lester Bangs’s review, which is, I dare say, almost as pretty as the record itself.

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7 responses to ““Everytime I try to speak, my tongue gets tied.”

  1. glennlester

    Awwwwww yeah. I can’t get enough of the song “Astral Weeks.” And you said it about “Slim Slow Slider.” That last bass wobble is just so awful.

  2. I am a big “Cypress Avenue” fan. I never really felt a need to listen to any Van Morrison. Then, last winter Jordy came to Lansing to visit and we found Astral Weeks used and he said I should pick it up. I listened to it all last winter, great great stuff.

  3. glennlester

    I met Richard Davis, the jazz great who played on Astral Weeks (as well as with Eric Dolphy, Andrew Hill, etc). I asked Davis about this session and he said, “Man, everybody wants to know about that album. Way I see it, Van Morrison was just a big mama’s boy. He didn’t tell us what he wanted, how he wanted us to play. He was afraid to talk to the real musicians. So we just did what we wanted to. We didn’t play like it was a folk record or a pop record.”

  4. Adam Bailey

    Good timing on this one, as I had the song “Astral Weeks” in my head this morning.

    ‘could you find me?
    would you kiss-a my eyes?’

    On another Van note, are any of you familiar with a mid-70s live album entitled “It’s Too Late To Stop Now?” It apparently features a show-stopping ten minute rendition of “Cyprus Avenue.” I have not been able to find it on CD and fear it may be difficult to find. I have yet to check bittorrent, however.


  5. Jordy

    I saw “It’s Too Late to Stop Now” at Vertigo once. Who knows if it’s still there. There are some copies on eBay too.

  6. Adam Bailey

    really? was it on vinyl or cd? perhaps its out of print, because I scoured all my usual cd sources a few months ago for it and came up with nothing. I seem to rememeber it didnt even come up on amazon. anyway, i’ll have to check ebay.

  7. Jordy

    To all interested parties: Van’s famed live album “It’s Too Late to Stop Now” will be re-released on Jan. 29, 2008.

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