“Psycho ’78!”

The Misfits – “Horror Business” from Horror Business 7″ (1979) and Misfits/Collection I (1986)

Night of the Living Dead” from Walk Among Us (1982)

Happy Hell-o-ween. Those of us who harbor a distaste for the Ramones (ahem, Jordy, ahem) might enjoy the Misfits’ brand of fuzzy ’50s-pop punk rock. The Misfits sound a little less alien (tee, hee) than the Ramones to these ears. While the Ramones have a dull, thuddy surface making the tunes a little tough to hear at first, the Misfits have a certain poppy sheen: they often sound like the Doors sped up.

Though they have impeccable taste in movies, the Misfits have the most confusing discography and release history ever. Get your fix here.

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7 responses to ““Psycho ’78!”

  1. alarm clock

    go sniff some glue, jordy

  2. glennlester

    Let’s not be too harsh toward the Jord-man.

  3. alarm clock

    jk! don’t fret

  4. Jordy

    No worries. I make no apologies for my distaste for the Ramones. In fact, would anyone like to buy a pristine copy of their reissued debut? Competitive price!

  5. glennlester

    I already own both the reissue and the twofer “All The Stuff and More Vol. 1” which includes both “Ramones” and “Leave Home” (a superior record, IMO).

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  7. Lulu

    “go sniff some glue, jordy” tottaly agree.. So well remembered I will say for thetickets for v vestival 2010 next will be great

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