To everything…

It’s time to level with our readers:

As you’ve noticed, we haven’t been giving SWR its due lately.  A short exchange of emails revealed no one has the time to make the writing what it ought to be.

We heartily thank everyone who read, commented, linked, and most importantly, listened over the years.

You may see us in the future when the Internet is obsolete and blogs are as outmoded as the telegraph.

Until then,

Jordy, Glenn, Adam, Phil, and Jeff


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3 responses to “To everything…

  1. Adam Bailey

    . . . – – – . . .

  2. Gavin

    well that’s a bummer.

  3. zzzzzzzz, oh, sorry, say…
    really guys, I am glad you’all sorta got back to your lives. We can’t all write for Rollin’ Stone.

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