“Back in the old folky days”

Neil Young – “Ambulance Blues” from On the Beach (1974)

Bert Jansch – “Needle of Death” from Dazzling Stranger (compilation, 2002), originally from Bert Jansch (1965)

Never one to shirk his influences, Neil Young has admitted that he outright, if subconsciously, ripped-off Jansch’s “Needle of Death” when writing “Ambulance Blues.” I think it works brilliantly.

For the record: 1) “Needle of Death” is the best song ever written about heroin use (Lou Reed can take a hike) and 2) On the Beach is my favorite NY record and contains his best songs.

Buy Bert Jansch

or On the Beach (if you haven’t already…geez)

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One response to ““Back in the old folky days”

  1. glennlester

    I’m with you on On the Beach. That’s the best, though Rust Never Sleeps is pretty goddamn great.

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