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“It’s time the tale were told.”

The Smiths – “Reel Around the Fountain” from The Smiths (1984)

By all accounts, Morrissey is an asshole and I don’t like the Smiths very much at all but there is an undeniable beauty in this song.

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“Living at night isn’t helping my complexion”

Pere Ubu – “Final Solution” from Terminal Tower (1985) [originally released as single (1976)]

Absolutely killer song from Cleveland’s god-like Pere Ubu. Listen for Peter Laughner’s great guitar work. Laughner is also known for being quoted by Wilco and eulogized by Lester Bangs.

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“I was wrong, for I was watching from the window up above”

George Jones – “The Window Up Above” (1960)

One of my favorite country singers discovered since the great country music voyage began is balladeer George Jones. In this song, he teaches us the important lesson that voyeurism never does anybody any good. If only he hadn’t been spying, if only he’d been sleeping instead of watching…

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“All evening, yeah!”

Sam Prekop – “Something” from Who’s Your New Professor (2005)


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“Let him take it from the top.”

The Band – “Stage Fright” from Stage Fright (1970)

The Band were pirates of all manners of American music. And they did it better than any other group of musicians that I can think of.

Each one of them was so accomplished.

I love Rick Danko’s vocal on this song. It’s strong but strained, which gives it that right amount of fragility.

Get caught in the spotlight

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Friday at the Village Vanguard

Bill Evans – “Solar” from Sunday At the Village Vanguard (1961)

Bill Evans’s four records with the otherworldly Scott LaFaro on bass and Paul Motian on drums–Portrait in Jazz, Explorations, Sunday, and Waltz For Debby–are jazz essentials and contain some of the most beautiful music ever. Known for sensitive interpretations of ballads, the trio could also tear into an uptempo tune, as evidenced by this take of Miles Davis’s “Solar” (pronounced So-LAHR). The group’s telepathic interplay is well-documented, but this track, along with many others on the above-mentioned records, remains surprising on each listen.

There’s a good reissue of the Village Vanguard dates originally presented on Sunday and Waltz.

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“What can I do to make you listen?”

Roky Erickson – “Starry Eyes” from All That Do My Rhyme (1995)

Originally released on the 1985 Clear Night for Love EP, this version features Lou Ann Barton on vocals with Roky.

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