“It’s time the tale were told.”

The Smiths – “Reel Around the Fountain” from The Smiths (1984)

By all accounts, Morrissey is an asshole and I don’t like the Smiths very much at all but there is an undeniable beauty in this song.

Buy it here, if you must

Posted by Jordy (not a 13 year-old girl)



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2 responses to ““It’s time the tale were told.”

  1. glennlester

    Okay, so AY has been going on and on for at least two years about a song she thinks may be by the Smiths that concerns a fountain. I figured it was this, but she said no. Any ideas?

  2. glennlester

    Once again, J. Erskine said it: “Morrissey is an asshole. No, wait. A fisted asshole.”

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