“Mom and Dad, don’t worry”

Hüsker Dü – “Whatever” from Zen Arcade (1984)

There was a time–high school, actually–I got kind of teary talking about Hüsker Dü. I would hector my lunch-table-mates with proclamations like, “From 1983 until 1987, the Hüskers achieved a brilliant fusion of guitar fuzz, throaty angst, and subtle pop melody.” Still, if you don’t own the double-disc classic Zen Arcade–released on SST the same day as Minutemen’s Double Nickels–you really should.

It doesn’t especially abide parsing, so buy it!



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3 responses to ““Mom and Dad, don’t worry”

  1. Jordy

    Hell ya! I read that each of the three members of the band were on a different drug the day this album was recorded. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  2. glennlester

    They recorded the album in like 35 hours, then spent 40 straight hours mixing it. It was done in a long weekend.

    I’ve also heard that Grant Hart and Bob Mould were lovers for a time, but I don’t think that’s true.

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