Which colors?

Charles Mingus – “Self-Portrait in Three Colors” from Mingus Ah Um (1959)

“Self-Portrait” is one of the best examples of Mingus’s beautiful polyphonic writing. Sounds like classical music, almost. This track was originally written for John Cassavettes’s first film, Shadows, and is included on Ah Um, one of the essential albums, and a good record for jazz-curious rock fans to pick up.

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More Mingus on SWR

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4 responses to “Which colors?

  1. I love the expression “jazz-curious rock fans.” And I second the vote for Ah Um (especially for “jazz-curious” rock fans that already have Kind of Blue). Another great one to ease into the genre is Blue Notes’ Best of Lee Morgan compilation.

  2. glennlester

    Oh, good call. And Coltrane’s Blue Train, w/ great work by Lee Morgan, no?

  3. Blue Train definitely! I like it better than some of the more famous Coltrane stuff.

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