“If songs were lines in a conversation, the situation would be fine”

Nick Drake

Nick Drake – “Hazey Jane II” from Bryter Layter (1970)

The powers that be here at SWR have been gracious enough to allow me to do a guest spot here, so here goes: I was walking around town all day yesterday with this song in my head, and given this blog’s reference to a very nice Nick Drake cover, I thought this would be the perfect venue to share this relatively obscure song with the world.

This is the most upbeat song that the perennially melancholic Nick Drake ever recorded. Backed up by Fairport Convention, this is the second track off what was purportedly Drake’s least favorite of his three albums. I neglected this album for a long time, but since I finally picked it up, it has proven its worth many times over.

Love the Drake

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5 responses to ““If songs were lines in a conversation, the situation would be fine”

  1. Good to see Bailey contributing. Have you ever seen the cover of doom-metal band Boris’ album “Akuma no Uta”? Take a gander…

  2. Adam Bailey

    I have seen the cover of that album…its a nice homage. I have no clue what Japanese doom-metal sounds like, however. According to Wikipedia, Boris has their own record label called “Fangs Anal Satan.”

  3. They’re actually not too bad. As you can tell by the label name.

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