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“This world makes no sense”

The Olivia Tremor Control – “Jumping Fences” from Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle (1996)

The Elephant 6 Collective has been responsible for some of the most visionary pop music of the past 15 years or so, with Neutral Milk Hotel and the Olivia Tremor Control being the main exponents of Beacheatles-esque lo-fi loveliness. (E6 bands Of Montreal, Circulatory System, and A Hawk and A Hacksaw also get a lot of play around the apartment.)

Image courtesy of Married To The Sea. Check it, it’s the funniest thing on the Interweb.

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“He hurt you then, but that’s all gone.”

The Beach Boys – “I’m Waiting for the Day” from Pet Sounds (1966)

This gem from Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, Pet Sounds, is a perfect example of how that album set a new standard for pop songwriting.  It combined an infectious melody with flawless harmonies, unique but appropriate instrumentation, and one of the greatest codas in rock history.  Most of this craft was due, no doubt, to B. Wilson’s obsessive attention to detail and demand for perfection.

The record was recorded over a span of six months and each song features between 10 and 20 or more musicians.  Read about the storied production of the album here.

I can’t say enough good things about Pet Sounds, if only for the tremendous work ethic and respect for the medium it exhibits.  It is most certainly among the top five best albums of all time, in my view.

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“Just grin from ear to ear”

Bob Dylan and the Band – “All you have to do is dream – take 1

and “All you have to do is dream – take 2” from Tree With Roots (2001)

Here are two takes of one of the more coherent tunes from the Basement Tapes sessions. It has a pretty infectious groove courtesy of R. Danko (bass) and R. Robertson (lead guitar).

Anyone know what a “floor bird” is?

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“I don’t understand”

X – “Adult Books” from Wild Gift (1980); plus “Adult Books [demo]” (197?) from Rhino reissue of Los Angeles (1979)

Another Books-related post, tee hee. Great L. A. punk from Viggo Mortensen’s ex-wife & co.

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“This is the birth that everyone is always talking about, the one assumed but not remembered.”

The Books – “Twelve Fold Chain” from Lost and Safe (2005)

This is the most sedative song I have ever heard.

For those not familiar with the Books, please check them out, especially if you’re as tired of indie rock as I am. They are at once warmly familiar and experimental.

Thanks to Glenn for the heads-up on these guys.

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“If songs were lines in a conversation, the situation would be fine”

Nick Drake

Nick Drake – “Hazey Jane II” from Bryter Layter (1970)

The powers that be here at SWR have been gracious enough to allow me to do a guest spot here, so here goes: I was walking around town all day yesterday with this song in my head, and given this blog’s reference to a very nice Nick Drake cover, I thought this would be the perfect venue to share this relatively obscure song with the world.

This is the most upbeat song that the perennially melancholic Nick Drake ever recorded. Backed up by Fairport Convention, this is the second track off what was purportedly Drake’s least favorite of his three albums. I neglected this album for a long time, but since I finally picked it up, it has proven its worth many times over.

Love the Drake

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“It’s all about the moderate climates”

Modest Mouse – “The Stars Are Projectors” from The Moon and Antarctica (2000)

Modest Mouse’s 2000 release is, in my opinion, a five-star all-time classic. “The Stars Are Projectors” stands as the most epic and mind-expanding track.

Circles begin here

Check out more photos from the Hubble here

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