Worst Song Ever: Part One

There are a handful of albums in my music collection of which I am outright embarrassed (Styx Greatest HIts, Symphonic Pink Floyd to name only a couple).  However, there are other albums that I love but that contain infuriatingly bad songs.  This is the kind of music that will form the grist for SWR’s latest series, wherein the authors will share the songs that they’d like to “punch in the face,” to quote our esteemed contributor, Phil J.

The Stooges – “We Will Fall” from The Stooges [1969]

For Part I, I give you one of the most shameful and bloated pieces of crap ever committed to vinyl in earnest: The Stooges’ “We Will Fall.”  Perhaps producer John Cale deserves most of the blame for this pseudo-psychedelic viola drone.  It should have been his call to cut a song so obviously alien to the rest of the album and, indeed, to the Stooges’ entire subsequent catalog.  Iggy Stooge likewise deserves blame for channeling Jim Morrison (who sucked big time) instead of continuing to yelp and yowl about being your dog (which was original and kick-ass).  Finally, Dave Alexander and the Asheton bros. are on the hook for not doing at all what they did best, which was rock harder and rawer than ANY OTHER BAND at that time.

So there.  I defy my colleagues and readers to name and explain a more disgraceful song.

Don’t get me wrong though, buy the Stooges

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4 responses to “Worst Song Ever: Part One

  1. Phil


  2. Holy crap that song sucks

  3. Jeff Wheeler

    Hey Jordy, Glenn, etc. Dig yer blog & especially this new column of great artists/groups doing dumb shit. I would probably nominate:

    “don’t pass me by” – beatles (always hated it)
    “story of my life” – the velvet underground (not necessary or enjoyable)
    “girls, girls, girls (album version)” – jay-z (the remix/secret track thing at the end is about a hundred times better than the main track, which is just like an idiotic hiphop retread of ‘california girls’ ‘back in the ussr’ and, to a lesser extent, hank snow’s ‘i’ve been everywhere, man’)

    i thought i’d be able to come up with a longer list and now it’s time to clock out.


  4. Brian K

    I love that song.
    I love it being a raga, to listen to during stormy nights traveling by car.

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