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Worst Song Ever: Part Four

(To be cross-filed under the possibly new Department of the Unforgivable.)

Red House Painters – “Trailways” from Songs for a Blue Guitar [1996]

Red House Painters – “I Feel The Rain Fall” from Songs for a Blue Guitar [1996]

To truly understand the abject horror of “I Feel The Rain Fall,” you should first listen to “Trailways,” the immediately preceding track on Songs For A Blue Guitar.

Let’s be honest. “I Feel The Rain Fall” is not a good song. In fact, I think it’s a terrible song. I think it’s one of the stupidest things Mark Kozelek has ever put on tape. I think it insults my intelligence, what with its campy back-and-forth guitars and little snare drum part, feigning a musical connection with old-time C&W and gospel music. Mark Kozelek, you are a sad bastard who writes great sad-bastard songs like “Trailways.” Please stick to your strengths.

The real problem is that “Trailways” is a highlight in the RHP catalog. A masterpiece of understatement, with elliptical personal lyrics that hint at specifics but never really give you the whole story. With dueling e-bows. A transcendent song, followed by a seventh-grade pastiche of a genre in which the student has never been remotely adept. Why, why, why would you follow up such a brilliant demonstration of loss with such a clunker?

Still, it’s a good record. Buy it, ok?

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Worst Song Ever: Part Three

The Kinks – “Phenomenal Cat” from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society [1968]

The Kinks truly deserve the high praise that they have recieved on this blog.  They are a really great band.  And Village Green… is a stellar album.  Except for this song, which is just awful.  Seriously, what is this  “Fum fum diddle-um di” stuff?  Are we in the Merry Old Land of Oz?  No.

The volume in the 33&1/3 series devoted to this album says that “Phenomenal Cat” and “Wicked Annabella” (also appearing on Village Green…) are the Kinks’ attempts at psychedelia, which was the predominant force in British music at the time.  I’m glad Ray Davies and Co. stayed out of the psychedelic movement, because this attempt is really, really bad.  The book also posits that “Phenomenal Cat” could be an attempt at satire.  If this song is an attempt at satire, it fails.  If it is an attempt at making a crappy song, it succeeds admirably.

Seriously, though, you should still buy the album.

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Worst Song Ever: Part Two

Sonic Youth – “Creme Brulee” from Dirty (1992)

And you thought it was impossible to screw up this delectable dessert.

Sonic Youth has recorded their share of terrible songs (indeed, at least one terrible album), but this SY stinker takes the, err, cake. “Creme Brulee” closes out what is a mostly dreck-free album with an pathetic attempt at out-of-tune, drumless boogie-rock. Elsewhere on Drrrrty, Kim’s throaty shouting is matched with equally raunchy super-90s compressed guitars; songs like “Swimsuit Issue” and “Orange Rolls, Angel’s Spit” are pretty damn good, despite Kim’s irritating vocal stylings. (Though, in general, I prefer her breathy singing, featured here.) This is just shit. “Last night I dreamt I kissed Neil Young/If I was a boy guess it would be fun.”

In case you are interested, here are a few of my other contenders for Worst Song Ever post (mp3s not included, lest you lose your faith in recorded sound; instead, links to GOOD songs by these bands).

Ted Leo/Pharmacists – “Bomb.Repeat.Bomb” from Living With The Living
Pavement – “We Are Underused” from Brighten The Corners
Nirvana – “Aero Zeppelin” from Incesticide
Husker Du – “Every Everything” from Flip Your Wig

Buy Sonic Youth

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