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Anthology of American Folk Music, pt. 1 of 3: Ballads

For the next three days I will be discussing the Anthology of American Folk Music, which I have recently acquired in a handsome-as-hell reissue package. These 6 CDs have been called “the holy grail of folk music,” but I prefer … Continue reading


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John Fahey – “Beverly” from Return of the Repressed: Anthology (1994) Here’s one of my favorite Fahey tunes (c. 1971) from the excellent Anthology. This genius melody has a real melancholy positivity about it. I hope it starts your week … Continue reading


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John Fahey – “Sligo River Blues” from The Legend of Blind Joe Death (1967) Since Glenn posted on Fahey a while back, I’ve been lost in it. It’s so beautiful and unassuming. Buy it now, for cryin’ out loud Posted by … Continue reading

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John Fahey – “On the Sunny Side of the Ocean” from The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death (1965) Beautiful composition for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Kudos to (the late) Fahey for paying homage to the wide-eyed mysticism lurking underneath American … Continue reading


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