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Cat Power: Moon Pix

Cat Power: Moon Pix (1998) Phil: A handful of winters ago I met up with an old roommate of mine at a Belgian beer bar for happy hour that happened to have half-off Belgian draughts from 4:30 to 6:30. So there … Continue reading

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“Everything is banal and jejune”

   Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “We Call Upon The Author” from Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!! [2008] I saw Nick Cave and Co. live a few weeks ago, and they really tore it up onstage.  The band is a … Continue reading


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Horse Story

Dirty Three – “Sue’s Last Ride” from Horse Stories (1996) I listened to this on the walk to work the other day and didn’t know whether to fall to the grass weeping or jump up in the air and raise … Continue reading


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Let them try and follow

Dirty Three – Sister Let Them Try and Follow from She Has No Strings, Apollo [2003] I was on the speech team in High School, okay? People consider me articulate, and I can write in sentences that make sense. But … Continue reading


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Hammocks, et al.

Tren Brothers – Gold Star Berlin from Ep [1997] I just found out that the Tren Brothers are playing at Schuba’s in Chicago. Against my better judgment, I purchased two tickets and a round-trip plane ride in order to witness … Continue reading


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Essay: Live Recordings and Neil Young’s Time Fades Away

Neil Young – “L.A.” from Time Fades Away (1973, live) *This is something I wrote back in January of this year: “I’ve been listening to a lot of live records lately. One must be wary of live albums because they … Continue reading


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