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Two songs I adore

There’s no theme or commentary to today’s post other than it’s Friday and I adore these two songs. Can – “Mushroom” from Tago Mago (1971) Califone – “Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song” from Heron King Blues (2004) What sounds good … Continue reading


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“Don’t give it a name”

Califone – “Michigan Girls” from Quicksand/Cradlesnakes [2003] Pardon my late absence. I’ve been up in MI where the Summers can be, at turns, mightily thundery and thickly humid. But what of Michigan’s girls? How are they? Are they still stowed … Continue reading

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“Thin thin dime”

Ugly Casanova – “Smoke Like Ribbons” from Sharpen Your Teeth (2002) I prefer this album to Modest Mouse these days because it exhibits Isaac Brock’s songwriting talent without all the “Float On” baggage. But mostly, I like the tones added … Continue reading

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“When all the numbers swim together and all the shadows settle”

Califone – “The Orchids” from Roots & Crowns (2006) Roots & Crowns is easily the best album of 2006. This Psychic T.V. cover is the best song. Buy Califone here Looking for a Thrill (Jockey)? -Glenn


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