Beatles Blitz

As most of the world knows, the entire Beatles catalog will be re-released next week Wednesday to coincide with the release of the Beatles Rock Band vidya game. The game, I must admit, looks pretty fucking sweet especially for those of us who like to sing harmonies:

Check out the full song list.

I pre-ordered a few of the albums already to fill in gaps in my collection or to replace damaged discs.  It’s gonna take all my self-control to not go out and buy a PS3 just to play this game.

What do you think?  Is all of this a crass attempt by Apple Records, the remaining Beatles, and the estates of the dead ones to make millions and millions of dollars?  Or, is it simply a way to turn a whole new generation on to the greatest, most influential pop music of all time?

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5 responses to “Beatles Blitz

  1. There was a very interesting article in the New York Times magazine about this a couple weeks ago, aptly titled “While My Guitar Gently Beeps.” I’m considering the game as well.

    Here’s the article:

  2. -Kyle W

    Yes, it is an attempt to make millions of dollars by the remaining Beatles and families. It will however turn a lot of people on to The Beatles, which will be cool.

  3. Trevor

    Definitely a push to make another huge round of money by re-selling the catalog twice more- but at least it will turn some of the younger kids onto the greatest band ever. (Assuming they were deprived by their parents, which is too often the case.) RE: the remasters, I’ll re-buy the albums that I already own, simply because the releases from the 80s were mastered so poorly… As for the game? I agree- no reason to buy a console but if a friend has it I will give it a spin. To be honest, as good as the game looks visually it creeps me out a bit to see these guys as video game characters- somehow making them more relevant to the younger generation? That makes me sad.

  4. Concerning the remasters:

    I used to think “A Taste of Honey” was just a poor seed in the McCartney tree of cheese.

    But, my god
    (and I can’t believe it either),
    that song is doggone cool now.

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