“So much beauty and just enough time to figure out how to destroy it”

Jeff W., is that you?

Jeff W., is that you?

Drive-By Truckers – “The Opening Act” from Brighter Than Creation’s Dark (2008)

I’m a little late to hop on the Drive-By Truckers Mechanical Bull Ride, which is too bad, because they used to play down here in Greensboro on a fairly regular basis. While their latest album is not nearly perfect, this song is.

“The Opening Act” is a Tonight’s The Night-esque epic. The bit toward the end, where the narrator sees the sun “rising over a Technicolor horizon,” is a beautiful example of how good bands use color and variation in music to illustrate the dramatic weight of the lyrics. The song just seems to lift off right there.

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6 responses to ““So much beauty and just enough time to figure out how to destroy it”

  1. Ahh, this song was such a find, sublime and lyrics that entertain! Thank you.

  2. Jeff Wheeler

    Yeah that was after graduation at Shit-Kickers. I was pretty hammered. I still feel bad about what I said to your sister, man.

    I haven’t gotten into the DBTs yet myself, although I really love the first Skynyrd album and have been trying to plow my way through the beanfield of alt-country. This tune is good–especially the end. Did Phil ever get you to listen to the song “Stones in My Passway” by the harlan twins here:


    because that song is the best neosouthernrock I’ve heard (I used to be into Lucero, but, it didn’t work out). the group is from pittsburgh where he lives.

  3. Jeff: that sounds real good.

    Do you ever listen to the Weakerthans? They’re like pop-punk country rock. Good stuff.

    • Jeff Wheeler

      Also, half their lyrics are filched from Marx and/or IWW quotes/songs/etc. (even the name weakerthan: “what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?”). I think the reason for this is that one of the dudes used to be in Propaghandi, one of Vancouver, BC’s best and brightest anarchist ska-punk-revival bands so far (if not THE best Vancouver, BC anarchist ska-punk-revival band period).

      I really like the song “pamphleteer” (mainly for the AWESOME-ly scalar chord progression during the instrumental chorus) and I downloaded the rest of it, but the guys voice has that Ben Gibbard/Mike Kinsella quality of making me think “this guy needs to get beat up.” I’ll give it another chance though. Do you have a favorite album of theirs?

  4. Yeah, and the music sometimes sounds like the Gin Blossoms. I only have “Reconstruction Site,” which has a wonderful and atypical song called “One Great City!” The refrain: “I hate Winnipeg.”

    My NOFX-loving friends in junior high used to listen to Propagandhi all the time. I thought their name was better than their music.

  5. Jeff Wheeler

    shit they are from Winnipeg. oh well. I don’t really like them either. I haven’t really liked very much pop-punk/third-wave ska in like 5 years or more, except for nostalgic reasons.

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