Why I don’t fear growing older

I know I tend to go on and on about Neil Young on this blog, but you need to see this clip (now 20 years old) of the man and Crazy Horse (with some ersatz drummer) on SNL. It is unbelievable. Keep in mind that he was in his mid forties when this performance was recorded.

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4 responses to “Why I don’t fear growing older

  1. Blake

    I have that on tape somewhere. What a cool guy to pull that rockin shit off in his 40s.

    Neil’s always rocked it on SNL. I remember watching this performance live and just being blown away. I still love the song “razor love” and I think it’s most because of that performance. I have it on video but could not find it on the internet.

  2. Jeff Wheeler

    Neil Young is one of the only musicians I’ve cared about for the last month. Holy man!–it’s all so good! The songs are stuck in my head on my bike everymorning and I’m like “look out momma there’s a white boat comin’ up the river” when I peel out of the stoplight at Broad & Christian or when I leave work. And the hurricane song has the best chorus lyrics in the world–perfect, just perfect. It’s all so good. Sorry to prattle on…

  3. Jeff Wheeler

    Also it’s sortof a bummer that tune was taken as a celebratory “we beat the Russians” kinda thing because the lyrics clearly imply that the word “free” is supposed to be in quotations (very similar thing happened to the boss’s BxIxTxUxSxAx)

  4. Steve Jenkins

    I think the “ersatz drummer” is Steve Jordan.

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