Easy Rider

On behalf of the blog, I’d like to extend a cordial ‘tough shit’ to Phil Spector after his recent murder 2 conviction.  For better or worse, Spector has had a huge impact on the sound of popular music over the last 40 years.  Check out a sample of his collaboration with Leonard Cohen, during which, he allegedly threatened Cohen at gunpoint.

You flew too close to the sun, Phil.  Sayonara.

Share your crazy Spector apocrypha at this space.

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7 responses to “Easy Rider

  1. Jeff Wheeler

    In the Ramones movie “End of the Century” he supposedly holds them hostage in his mansion while recording the album of same name. Also, Ronnie “Z-Man” Barzell in the Russ Meyer / Roger Ebert “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” (in which the eccentric manager of a girl group invites them all over for a drug-fueled orgy winds up murdering all of them) is entirely based on him and eerily prophetic.

  2. I had the idea of posting “True Love Leaves No Traces” today in observance of this same event. Then I remembered you posted it a long time ago. I guess we’re on the same wavelength. Death of a Ladies’ Man is a pretty good album.

  3. Jenny

    “You let him go into the sun?!” Sorry..sorry, I had to quote arrested(ha!) development.

  4. rob

    From The Top 10 Weirdest Phil Spector Moments:

    “While on tour with his first act, The Teddy Bears (“To Know Him Is To Love Him”), the 18-year-old Spector is accosted in a men’s urinal. Short and unprepared to defend himself, Phil is urinated on by four street toughs. The incident so mortifies and frightens Spector that he keeps a bodyguard around him (and a gun on him) from that day on. (1958)”


  5. Didn’t he pull a gun on John Lennon during IMAGINE as well?

  6. Jordy

    That sounds about right.

  7. From the days of ‘Be My Baby’ I was in love with Ronnie (Veronica)… As a music director at a station in Binghamton, NY I was surprised by ‘Black Pearl’ coming out of nowhere and a Spector production. I hit the Selectric and wrote PS a letter saying it was great to hear his work in the groove again. I also told him of my love for Ronnie. Ya know, he sent me a telegram thanking me for the nice words and years later arranged for me to meet Ronnie while at WAAF in 1975. It’s too bad it came down to this.

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