[“come in after this, here we go”]

There are periods when I get tired of every album I own.  This is very painful because my music is so important to me.  I’m sure you can relate.  Songs that can satisfy in those moments are especially treasured.  Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot it in People has been my salvation from ennui more than once.  Its songs, instrumentation, arrangements, and production are all rock-solid.  Furthermore, BSS has a real optimistic rock-n-roll sound which makes them, I think, more listenable than a group like, say, Boards of Canada (someone here needs to do a Boards of Canada post, by the way.  Those guys are wunderbar).

Broken Social Scene – “Looks Just Like the Sun” from You Forgot It In People (2002)

Buy it here

What music do you listen to at the end of your rope?

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One response to “[“come in after this, here we go”]

  1. This song is incredible.

    When nothing sounds good, I tend to listen to Mingus and/or the Olivia Tremor Control:

    Oh, and Califone, too.

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