Britpop favorites

Pulp – “Mis-Shapes” from Different Class (1996)
Pulp – “This Is Hardcore” from This Is Hardcore (1998)

I might not be the Britpop enthusiast that Phil is, but I do like me some Pulp. Their 1996 classic, Different Class, would make a wonderful musical. Wouldn’t this opener sound great with a full chorus, dancers, a flashy light show? Glamorously unshaven ragamuffins on the dole singing bitterly against the upper crust they desperately want to be a part of. It’d be like the present-day Threepenny Opera. I can’t believe no one has adapted this album for Broadway yet.

This Is Hardcore is pretty good too.

Buy it here

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One response to “Britpop favorites

  1. mary

    Funny, I just downloaded “Babies” last week. The Brits really know farce. Luv,luv,luv! How is it possible for Cocker to have escaped my notice all these years?

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