Two songs I adore



There’s no theme or commentary to today’s post other than it’s Friday and I adore these two songs.

Can – “Mushroom” from Tago Mago (1971)
Califone – “Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song” from Heron King Blues (2004)

What sounds good to you this Friday?

More Califone on SWR

More Can on SWR

Buy the ‘fone

Buy the ‘an

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9 responses to “Two songs I adore

  1. Jeff Wheeler

    My fave songs on Tago Mago bookend this track (the opener sounds kind of furiously mad at the end, which I love; and ‘oh yeah’ has the best beat–one that the fall tried to copy a million times (especially on ‘i am damo suzuki’ although the chord changes are all fudged up on that number)). Califone is new to me.

  2. Dude, gotta listen to Califone.

    How do you feel about “Augumn” and “Peking O”? These days, the first 3 or 4 minutes of “Augumn” sound incredible, but after that, it really drags — just a buncha bowed double-stops on the upright bass. But “Peking O” is awesome.

  3. Also, the drum sound on Tago Mago is just incredible. So dry and weird–like somebody is tapping on your eardrums.

  4. califone. banjo drone hypnosis. ethnic chant undercurrent. dusty loops. tin can percussion. this song rules.

  5. Jeff Wheeler

    i agree about augumn. it bores me to tears. i used to put “halleluwah” on at the jukebox in this one (predominantly) punk joint right before i left. helluva lotta bang for your buck.

  6. I got into Can a bit late, (like most everything else being the late bloomer that I am,) but oddly enough it was a local Charlotte band – Calabi Yau – that introduced me to their style of music. I think you’d like them, but the band recently split up (oy!)

  7. Emily, I’ll check them out.

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