Drumkit favorites, part ii

I know, right?

I know, right?

Elbow – “Grace Under Pressure” from Cast of Thousands [2003]

Hey kids, don’t you love britpop?  I do.  At least sometimes.  You know, when it’s great and reminds you of summer and driving cars and having the windows open and being young and powerful. Elbow has always surprised me with all the sensitivity britpop should have combined with really thoughtful production and great performances. And with that:

THIS DRUMKIT SOUND RULES. It’s full and kinetic, frenetic and jerky and propels this simple little song about believing in love and giving the finger to the world a drastically different energy than the sleepy little intro.

My favorite britpop moments include the band Elbow, the first two Doves records, and A Rush of Blood to the Head.  Yours?

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6 responses to “Drumkit favorites, part ii

  1. mary

    We are living an aural parallel universe. Sort of weird. I wish we could swap IPODs but then it might be kind of boring. My new favorite is “Hey Love” by Fast Hart Mart.

  2. Phil

    You see, I haven’t heard the Fast Hart Mart.

    I also don’t have an ipod.

    You could borrow a record? Thanks for reading.

  3. oh my gosh, I love Elbow so much. when I put one of their albums on, i keep it on loop the whole night. they are touring with Coldplay right now, which is sort of bittersweet because the tickets are so expensive and the large crowds and oversized venues will ruin it (for me).

    I also have a soft spot for Travis because I heard them first when I was actually visiting the British Isles, on a bus in the highlands no less, but they lost a little charm when I brought the CD overseas.

  4. Pulp, Different Class. It should be made into a musical.

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  6. Gavin

    Elbow, Coldplay’s Rush…, Doves, Pulp. Don’t listen enough, but always good when it happens.

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