Harmonica Favorites: Part 1


Bob Dylan – “Early Mornin’ Rain” from Self Portrait [1970]

In his famous review of this album, Greil Marcus asked “What is this shit?”  Mostly, he was correct.  But, as I mentioned some time ago on this blog, I actually like a few of the songs on Self Portrait. “Early Mornin’ Rain” is perhaps my favorite.  It is a Gordon Lightfoot cover, and as you can probably see by the title of this post, has a very nice harmonica part.

I’ve been especially aware of harmonica in music lately because I’m currently learning to play the blues harp.  I chose to post this song first because it was one of the songs that made me want to learn.  Over the next little while, I’ll be posting songs which contain some of my favorite harmonica parts.   Stay tuned.

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