Humble Acceptance

Moaned and groaned and rolled my bones

Moaned and groaned and rolled my bones

Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy – “81” from Get on Jolly [2000]

Many apologies for my lack of input on the old blogosphere. I’ve been in the middle of an intra-city move and a job switch, so the last month or two have been pretty stupid busy. But I have been listening to some good musics and found a bunch of represses in Chicago (Sam Cooke at the Harlem! Can you believe it?).

In any case, it’s February and I’m sort of sad and I can’t stop listening to this song. I picked up this cd in Indianapolis at Luna Music maybe a year ago and just started listening to it in November. It’s everything a great collaboration should be in that it highlights the strengths of each participant and allows both players to push the other creatively. Since I’m a stupid fan of Mick Turner (the Marquis de Tren, for this album) and I quite enjoy Will Oldham‘s stuff, it makes perfect sense for me to get into this collaboration.

Regardless, Oldham does some amazing things with these words and melodies, dovetailing them into Turner’s heartbreaking acceptance of Oldham’s offering. This song wrecks me. And I’m completely okay with it.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Posted by Phil

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4 responses to “Humble Acceptance

  1. Thank you very much indeed for this … Fantastic song; fantastic performance (as I’ve come to expect of Will O).

    You’re right: he is superb with words and melodies. There’s something so powerfully intense about so much of his work: dense, dark, intense, textured. Like Beth Orton (I notice you’ve written about Portishead, a few posts back), he has the kind of voice and delivery that straight away makes you tune in. Incredibly *human*; emotionally *real*.

  2. Jeff Wheeler

    Mickey says you’re really good at work. Are you still liking it good?

  3. Phil

    Billi- yeah, Oldham is for the most part completely unignorable. His new album is so happy that it seems a little less intense, but it’s still great, good times. Like a Nashville record. With a song about a bj.

    Jeff- work is pretty cool. Too much running around, or maybe it’s just more than I’m used to, but it’s pretty nice.

  4. I can’t wait until the next Oldham record, which apparently has a bunch of Chicago free jazz dudes on it.

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