Heart-wrenching, crippling desire

Portishead, UK.  The band's namesake.

Portishead, UK. The band's namesake.

Portishead – “Undenied” from Portishead [1997]

Allow me to begin by saying that this is not quite my favorite Portishead song.  It’s my favorite song from their second album, but 1994’s Dummy has a few gems that are beyond compare.  That’s not to say I’m depriving you, dear readers, of quality Portishead goodness.  This song has a feeling that is unmatched by anything on Dummy or Portishead, and honestly I think this song is enough to convince you that you can’t live another minute without buying all their albums.  In keeping with our current “feelings” series here, I offer you “Undenied.”  This song evokes a feeling of overwhelming desire.  There is just something about Beth Gibbons’ voice, coupled with her delivery and the lyrics of this song that makes you really, truly know what it feels like to want someone, to quote the song, “totally.”

I also love the noir-ish, lo-fi feel of this song.  All of Portishead’s work has that feel, but it’s particularly evident in this song, which sounds as if it were being played on a scratchy vinyl LP.

I will go on record and say that Dummy is quite possibly the sexiest thing ever put to tape.  Portishead is darker and moodier, but parts of it sound like post-coital bliss.

Trip-Hop is not dead.

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2 responses to “Heart-wrenching, crippling desire

  1. Phil

    “Glory Box” is the sexiest thing ever put to tape. Maybe. In any case, I was visiting some friends in Philly two years ago and this woman sang the entirety of “Glory Box” to a friend of mine at a party. That shit is too much. Bro needed a cold shower.

  2. I think I’ve probably freaked a few people out by putting this song on mix CDs. But it’s *so damn good* …

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