Explosions in the Sky – “The Only Moment We Were Alone” from The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)

Triumphalism has long been a sought-after criterion among my musical peers.  These songs usually grow a repeating chord progression over increasing layers of instrumentation into a moment (or, if you’re lucky, moments) of loud, dragon-slaying righteousness.

Explosions in the Sky of Austin, TX are masters of this format.  Their contrapuntal guitar work makes for an even headier climax.  This is life-affirming stuff.  Each of their songs on The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place is a born-again experience.  I picked this particular song because it has more of the good stuff (esp. the lead-up to 7:00 and at 8:30).

I saw these guys in Phoenix a couple years ago and it was everything I imagined but louder.

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3 responses to “Triumph

  1. Jeff Wheeler

    I still think this album is liquid righteousness. I prolly listened to it more than 300 times through in 2004-2005 on phil’s headphones (which i eventually broke) walking around pittsburgh.

    Hey Jordy – how’s life in D.C. (da capo)? Wanna meet up again in the spring? I think there’s a bus or a helicopter that goes between philly and dc.

  2. Yes. I have a hard time listening to that bit around 8:30 in public or around other people because it’s hard not to break into convulsions.

  3. EITS also composed the theme and incidental music for the TV series “Friday Night Lights,” which is one of the 3 or 4 best shows on TV.

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