Red House Painters – “Down Colorful Hill” from Down Colorful Hill (1992)

For me, music (and art generally) is about empathy.  I need to feel some connection to the songwriter’s joy or pain or to any of the other millions of emotions in between.  The successful songsmith will write a melody that is an immediate and pure distillation of a feeling to which I can relate and by which I can be comforted.  In the end, such songs are the only reason I continue to listen at all.

There was a time in my life when I listened to a lot of Red House Painters.  Each of their songs is an expression of despair.  Luckily for the listener, each is also of great beauty.  This, the album’s centerpiece, is among my favorite RHP songs.

Do you have a song that is therapeutic in its hurt?

Get your House Painted Red

Posted by Jordy


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4 responses to “Pain

  1. mary

    Waiting For Superman/Flaming Lips or Don’t Forget Me/Walkmen get me every time. Post more. Love your blog.

  2. Jordy

    Thanks for reading. We’ll do our best to post more.

  3. Elliott Smith, Between the Bars. Also, the trumpet solo in “My Funny Valentine” on the Miles record 1964: The Complete Concert. Lester Bangs liked that one too.

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