“Ended with a cry”

Neil Young (w/ the Buffalo Springfield) – “Expecting to Fly” from Buffalo Springfield Again (1967)

The latest Neil Young Archives Performance Series recordings will be released next week as Sugar Mountain – Live at Canterbury House 1968.   These archives releases have been very exciting for me.  I found the Live at Massey Hall 1971 recordings to be a refreshing collection of songs which I had previously known only by their studio versions.

This latest record (streaming in its entirety here) is a similar revelation.  It includes many songs that would appear on his S/T album the following year (“The Loner,” “I’ve Been Waiting for You,” “The Old Laughing Lady,” and the horrible “Last Trip to Tulsa”).  But I particularly enjoy the stripped-down Buffalo Springfield songs like “Broken Arrow,” “Expecting to Fly,” and “Out of My Mind” (possibly the most beautiful song on the album).

It shows what a skillful businessman Neil is that fans are anxiously awaiting his albums 40 years after they were recorded.

Make sure to listen to it at the NPR link above

Order here

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2 responses to ““Ended with a cry”

  1. rob

    thanks for posting this.

    not only is it a nice companion to the other two releases, but HE’S NEVER TOLD A LIE ON STAGE…!

  2. Jordy

    No prob, Rob. Thanks for reading.

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