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Favorite song to play, Part I

Play music with your friends!

We here at SWR are not merely avid appreciators of music, we are also practitioners though probably of varying proficiencies.  So, we introduce this newest segment of songs we most enjoy playing, either alone or in ensemble.  You, our readers, are encouraged to suggest your favorite songs as well (and perhaps a link to some decent tab).

Neil Young – “Out on the Weekend” from Harvest (1972)

I cut my teeth on Neil Young tunes.  They are often composed of simple chord progressions under not-too-perfect vocals which make them perfect for the earnest beginner.  The even strumming patterns and slow tempo of this song made it a favorite for me when I first started playing guitar.  And the recurring Bm and C#m really helped me nail down the Em-shape barre chords.

And I still love playing this song, mostly because of the gently whining vocals which are well within my limited range.

Check out the tab at the incomparable HyperRust site.

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“Did you have a friend on the good Reuben James?”

The Trio in their heyday. Back to front: Dave Guard, Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds

The Kingston Trio – “Sinking of the Reuben James” from Live at the Crazy Horse (1994)

I’m posting this because one of the founding members of The Kingston Trio, Nick Reynolds, has just died.  The Kingston Trio was at the forefront of the 1960’s folk music revival.  Their popularity in the late 1950’s and early 60’s (They had four top 10 albums in 1959 alone.  The Beatles are only other group to have four top ten albums in a single year) paved the way for the likes of Peter, Paul and Mary, The Byrds, and the Beach Boys, not to mention Bob Dylan and his contemporaries.

A live recording of the Kingston Trio captures the between-song jokes and banter that their studio recordings lack.  This particular recording was made in 1992 and lacks the contributions of Dave Guard, another founding member of the Trio, who died in 1991.  But 2/3 of the original Trio, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane, are present, along with George Grove, who performed with various incarnations of the Trio for over 20 years.

Buy the Trio

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“There were times when there was nothing but time”

Lee Hazlewood – “If It’s Monday Morning” from Requiem for an Almost Lady (1971)

It’s dreary and wet in W. Michigan on this first anniversary of my marriage (which has not been dreary or too wet at all).

I just picked up this album (used!) and have become a fast and fervent Hazlewood convert.  He’s like a funnier, less suicidal Leonard Cohen.  And I love his spoken intros to each song on this album.

Check him out

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Horse Story

Dirty Three – “Sue’s Last Ride” from Horse Stories (1996)

I listened to this on the walk to work the other day and didn’t know whether to fall to the grass weeping or jump up in the air and raise my skinny fists like antennas to heaven. Thanks to the estimable Phil J. for turning me on to the Dirty Three.

Adam B. will be interested in Dirty Three’s collaboration with Chan “Cat Power” Marshall.

More Dirty Three at SWR

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