Favorite song to play, Part I

Play music with your friends!

We here at SWR are not merely avid appreciators of music, we are also practitioners though probably of varying proficiencies.  So, we introduce this newest segment of songs we most enjoy playing, either alone or in ensemble.  You, our readers, are encouraged to suggest your favorite songs as well (and perhaps a link to some decent tab).

Neil Young – “Out on the Weekend” from Harvest (1972)

I cut my teeth on Neil Young tunes.  They are often composed of simple chord progressions under not-too-perfect vocals which make them perfect for the earnest beginner.  The even strumming patterns and slow tempo of this song made it a favorite for me when I first started playing guitar.  And the recurring Bm and C#m really helped me nail down the Em-shape barre chords.

And I still love playing this song, mostly because of the gently whining vocals which are well within my limited range.

Check out the tab at the incomparable HyperRust site.

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7 responses to “Favorite song to play, Part I

  1. That photo is actually of the four of us. Jordy’s second from left, playing the big drum.

  2. Neil Cake

    Thanks for that. Current favourites among my er… collective include:

    Wonderful World, Chain Gang and Cupid all by Sam Cooke. These are all very simple, but great fun to get the vocal cords around.
    You Have to Be Joking by The Flaming Lips – very mournful chord progression. I love doing the middle 8 on the harmonica.
    American Music by Violent Femmes – nothing original in the chord choices, but there are loads of subtle nuances that it was fun to work out.
    Mellow My Mind by Neil Young. Another one I love playing harmonica on, and probably the shakiest vocal Neil’s ever done, so no matter how bad I am… it’s all right.

  3. Neil Cake

    Oh, let me add Mack The Knife. Great fun to sing. I had great trouble with it at first, but I’m starting to get there now, and add my own touches to it.

    Sorry, I don’t have time to post links to the chord progressions. They are all easily located on the internet, except Mack The Knife, which I had to copy out of a book. I think it’s C Dm7 G/Dm7 (that’s a Dm 7 with a low G tacked on) C Am… sorry I can’t remember from there, but I do know there’s another G/Dm7, and that there are no chords that haven’t been used already.

  4. I’m the one with the squeeze-box

  5. Jordy

    Glenn must be the Jonathan Winters-esque fellow in the corner.

    Neil – thanks for sharing your favorites. Those are some great songs.

  6. Phil

    Guess I’ll take the bouzouki.

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