A cappella battle, round 1

Which is the better a cappella group: world-music purveyors Yeasayer, or world-class fuckheads Rage Against The Machine?

You tell me.

Goddamn, do I hate Rage Against The Machine.

Buy Yeasayer (it’s a pretty darn good album)
Buy Rage

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7 responses to “A cappella battle, round 1

  1. Jeff Wheeler

    Jordy and Blake and me used to love RATM in college. Does Jordy still care for them?

  2. Adam Bailey

    I, too had an extended period of RATM fandom. Can’t listen to them anymore though. I’m not really sure why…it’s like listening to them now feels embarrassing for some reason.

    On another note, I’ll be posting my own a capella favorite(s) over the weekend. Hang on to your proverbial hats.

  3. Jordy

    Hey Jeff,
    Glad to see you on our pages.

    I only ever liked Rage’s S/T (which has some killer riffs/rhymes by any measure), and thought the rest was too self-consciously political for its own good.

    I think young men are attracted to RATM’s easy, angry answers and then quickly grow out of it.

    Jeff – I remember you used to tell me how you would get your strut on when listening to this on campus.

  4. I’m going to have to go ahead and respectfully disagree with “killer riffs/rhymes by any measure.” The riffs are interesting for about 20 seconds, but the rapping? Jesus Christ. It’s TERRIBLE.

    “So called facts are fraud
    They want us to allege and pledge
    And bow down to their God”

    Come on.

    For better dumb-protest rapping, look no further than Chuck D:

    “Elvis was a hero to most
    but he never meant shit to me
    You see straight up racist the sucker was, simple & plain
    Motherfuck him and John Wayne”

    That’s what could make RATM at least palatable: conversational syntax and humor.

  5. Speaking of humor, now I’m imagining Jeff Wheeler getting his strut on in the Pine Grove.

  6. I indeed used to really enjoy the Rage Machine’s. I think Jordy is correct that the catchy hooks and lyrics are pretty great for angry young people. I know that’s why I liked it.

    About a year ago I listed to “Evil Empire” and thought it was okay. I think that they were pretty good for what they were. They were certainly better than Limp Bizkit or Korn. Considering the alternatives in main stream-white kid-rock, they were decent.

    I know Glenn has always hated them which is exactly what makes Glenn better than most people.

  7. Jeff Wheeler

    nowdays i mainly strut to the live version of The Fall’s “The NWRA” off of ‘A Part of America, Therein’ (1981) or some Kitty Wells song.

    I lost my copy of RATM’s self titled album, but I always thought Payable On Death were a bit better.

    P.S.: speaking of “world-class fuckheads,” (G. Lester, 2008) have any of you ever read John Fahey’s book “how bluegrass music destroyed my life”? There’s a really hilarious story about Fahey’s argument with a sound guy involving the term ‘fuckhead.’ Good literature.

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