“I’d be a mineral deposit”

Mission of Burma – “(That’s When I Reach For My) Revolver” from Signals, Calls, & Marches (1981)
Mission of Burma – “Mica” from Vs. (1982)

Of a piece with Joy Division and the Constantines (our previous two posts), Boston’s recently reunited Mission of Burma played (and play) a stoic, no-nonsense, anthemic version of punk rock anthems. This is the type of thing I can’t listen to over and over, but it sounds lifesaving every once in a while.

You mean Mynamar?

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One response to ““I’d be a mineral deposit”

  1. Jeffrey S. Prescott Wheeler

    I saw them live reunited and they were really good. Kinda inspired a whole bunch of alternate takes on harmony and scales for me in my playing, but I agree with you on the “can’t listen to it over and over” point. I’m not in love with Mission to Burma, I’m in love with the idea of Mission from Burma.



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