“From the reservoirs/of our idiot tempers”

The Constantines – “Soon Enough” from Tournament of Hearts (2005)

Dang, I just remembered that these guys put out a new record a while back, and I’ve yet to pick it up. Their ’03 and ’05 releases, Shine A Light and Tournament of Hearts, were somewhat neglected by the critical establishment and by most of the people I know, and it seems that the new one, Kensington Heights, may suffer the same unfortunate fate. Too bad; the Constantines are a great Fugazi-esque rock band, albeit a Fugazi that sometimes write pop melodies. Speaking of: is it just me, or is this one of the most moving songs ever written by anybody?

Here’s a few live Cons videos. They’re damn good live.

Buy it here

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2 responses to ““From the reservoirs/of our idiot tempers”

  1. Jordy

    Hell yeah. I was driving through Ontario last week and listened to more than a few Constantines tunes.

    This song is way wistful and supports my claim that the Constantines are the gravest, manliest band in rock right now. So stoic.

    Also, I saw them open for the Hold Steady a few years back and they were terrific. Highly recommended.

    “In the tournament of hearts, somebody’s got to lose.”

  2. Fuckin’ curling, dude.

    I saw a show on that tour, too–incendiary.

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