Worst Song Ever: Part Three

The Kinks – “Phenomenal Cat” from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society [1968]

The Kinks truly deserve the high praise that they have recieved on this blog.  They are a really great band.  And Village Green… is a stellar album.  Except for this song, which is just awful.  Seriously, what is this  “Fum fum diddle-um di” stuff?  Are we in the Merry Old Land of Oz?  No.

The volume in the 33&1/3 series devoted to this album says that “Phenomenal Cat” and “Wicked Annabella” (also appearing on Village Green…) are the Kinks’ attempts at psychedelia, which was the predominant force in British music at the time.  I’m glad Ray Davies and Co. stayed out of the psychedelic movement, because this attempt is really, really bad.  The book also posits that “Phenomenal Cat” could be an attempt at satire.  If this song is an attempt at satire, it fails.  If it is an attempt at making a crappy song, it succeeds admirably.

Seriously, though, you should still buy the album.

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6 responses to “Worst Song Ever: Part Three

  1. Jordy

    As a completist, I usually listen to this song…and it always angers me. It makes me feel like strangling a gnome.

  2. Adam Bailey

    I usually listen to it as well, but since it’s toward the end of the album, and since I’m normally listening and doing something else at the same time, I sort of zone out and forget it’s even playing. If it were any longer than 2:30, I’d skip it.

  3. You are incorrect. This song is not one of the worst songs ever. This can be scientifically proven by a.) use of the Mellotron on ‘flute’ setting as a lead instrument, and b.) the nigh-indescipherable geography lesson in the middle eight.

  4. I kinda like this song.

  5. johnny boy

    uhh, this song is great. just like every other song on the album. people who spend their time picking out the greatest and worst songs of all time are wasting THEIR time. you HAVE to see the satire in this song. i mean…phenomenal cat?

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