“Don’t you know about the bird?”

Ramones – “Surfin’ Bird” & “Rockaway Beach” from Rocket To Russia (1977)

Some of us here at SWR adore the Ramones. Some (ahem, Jordy) somehow lost a few of the chromosomes responsible for deriving pleasure from rock ‘n’ roll, and probably don’t even like the beach, where I’ll be spending the next week.

Take a shot of Wittgenstein-ian linguistic analysis and chase it with a paean to the Irish Riviera.

Apply for a scholarship to Rock n Roll High School

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4 responses to ““Don’t you know about the bird?”

  1. Phil

    Glenn, the only time “Surfin’ Bird” can be appreciated are in the car driving to the beach. That is the only time.

    Don’t get me wrong. Ramones. Respect.

  2. Jordy

    I’m afraid I don’t know about the bird?

    Can someone fill me in.

  3. I can field that one. The bird, you see, is the word.

  4. Peter

    Its crazy that today’s newspaper was missing a certain ornithological piece that I felt was of great importance, did you hear about it? I thought everyone should have known about it by now…

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