“We carried you in our arms”

Bob Dylan and the Band – “Tears of Rage – Take 1,” “Tears of Rage – Take 2” and “Tears of Rage – Take 3” from A Tree with Roots [Basement Tapes sessions, 1967]

The Band – “Tears of Rage” from Greatest Hits comp [2000], orig. on Music from Big Pink [1968]

Happy Independence Day from your patriotic friends at SWR.

Here are a few takes of a Dylan/Band classic from A Tree with Roots.  A cleaner version of the third take later appeared on the official Basement Tapes record released in 1975.  Bob shares a writing credit for this song with the late Richard Manuel who sang “Tears of Rage” when the Band recorded it for 1968’s Music from Big Pink.  Dylan’s efforts, while insightful, never really matched the pained plaintiveness of Manuel’s pinched tenor.

More Tree with Roots at SWR

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