“I live sweat, but I dream light years”

The Minutemen – “Boiling” from The Punch Line (1981) and “The Glory of Man” from Double Nickels on the Dime (1984)

It’s been said plenty of times before (including here), but the Minutemen were really, really great. One of the smartest punk bands, the ‘Men were almost completely bullshit-free and had an innate sense of what just plain works in rock music. This is music that is totally human and encourages humanity; its genius improv and deep in the pocket grooves make me want to make art instead sitting on my ass whining about X, Y, and Z. The “three prole dudes jammin’ econo” mythology kept up by Watt is alternately cheesy and embarrassing and totally inspirational. The Minutemen, to paraphrase Kafka, are three axes for the frozen sea within us. I’m going to start tearing up if I write any more; instead, I’ll put the Minutemen on at full blast and rock the hell out.

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4 responses to ““I live sweat, but I dream light years”

  1. Adam Bailey

    I played “Shit from an Old Notebook” for my sociology class as an example of a protest song, but my hidden agenda was just to get them to listen to the Minutemen.

  2. Jordy

    I might go so far as to say that DNotD is the richest album of the last 25 years; not the best necessarily, but the richest in terms of energy, innovation, variance, and proficiency. Eh?

  3. “I live sweat but I dream light years.” Pure poetry. ee cummings would be proud.

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