“He never helps out in the yard”

The Feelies – “The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness” from Crazy Rhythms (1980)

The Feelies, Television, and Talking Heads form some kind of unholy late-70s triumvirate of nervy New York dorkitude. I don’t know the work of Glenn Mercer & co. as deeply as I know that of Television and Talking Heads, but I have a feeling the Feelies may be the best of the bunch. The vocal delivery is as good as Byrne at his best (check the “awright” at 2:17, just after the song’s big plot twist); the rushing guitars at the climax of the song more than illustrate, they embody the lyrical content; the band seems constantly pushed to the breaking point, in the best punk tradition.

If you like, check the usual Internet sources for more–it looks like Feelies CDs are hard to come by these days.

Try the Feelies at Amazon

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2 responses to ““He never helps out in the yard”

  1. Jordy

    Wow. These guys seem like the antidote to what’s been ailing me vis-a-vis the Talking Heads: not so alienating or academic. And Weezer totally ripped off that album cover/band image.

  2. Adam Bailey

    This is a very timely post, as the Feelies are reuniting this July 4 for a concert in Battery Park here in New York. They are opening for Sonic Youth. Unfortunately, Battery Park is a really bad place to have such a high-profile free concert, because its so small.

    anyway, check this:


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