Hammocks, et al.

Tren Brothers – Gold Star Berlin from Ep [1997]

I just found out that the Tren Brothers are playing at Schuba’s in Chicago. Against my better judgment, I purchased two tickets and a round-trip plane ride in order to witness this event. Why, you ask?

Mick Turner and Jim White (two thirds of the Dirty Three) create loop-based, off-kilter sunset reveries (my friend says this should be called “the hammock song”) that demonstrate the perfect fact that they have insane chops and have transcended them. This band is good. Really good. Better than most everything in my music collection. So if you’re in Chicago, you should really make it out on Saturday. Their current tour is tonight in New York, two dates in Canada, Chicago on Friday and then a couple more dates in Canada. If you can call that a tour.

So go, already. Buy your tickets here.

Also, buy the music here

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3 responses to “Hammocks, et al.

  1. Blake

    Thanks Phil, that’s a good tune.

  2. This is a great, great song.

    Phil, how was the show? (Also, can I put in a request for some Dirty Three?)

  3. Phil


    The show was great and weird. Maybe twenty people were all sitting down around the perimeter of the room, leaving wide empty spaces in the middle. But I couldn’t feel the empty space; they had a whole sixty-minute set’s worth of projections, some of paintings, some of driving along the road…it was great.

    Jim White looked like he was keeping three different time signatures in his head while playing in two completely different time signatures. I’ve never seen anybody play the drums like that. It was surreal. Mick Turner told that joke about the monkey and the bar and the hammer and the bananas.

    All in all, a good show.

    Dirty Three post forthcoming.

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