“I love to see you dress before the mirror”

Bob Dylan – “Abandoned Love” from Biograph (1985)

This is my second post here. The powers that be asked me to become a regular contributor, so I’ll be here posting from time to time.

“Abandoned Love” was recorded during the Desire sessions but was struck from the album in favor of “Sara.” This meant that this gem was left in the vaults for ten years until the 1985 release of the Biograph box set, which is unfortunate because this track would have made a good album great. “Hurricane” is a classic, “Isis” became a staple of the Rolling Thunder Revue (during which Bob liked to go white-face, as pictured above), and “One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)” is among Dylan’s best songs. The only real laggard on the ablum is the boring, over-long “Joey,” but I usually find myself skipping over “Oh, Sister” and “Sara” as well. That said, watch for future posts by me on material from Self Portrait.

“Abandoned Love” is more obviously about the disintegration of Bob and Sara’s marriage than anything on Blood on the Tracks, which makes it especially interesting, and is probably also the reason it was not included on Desire. Bob probably thought one song that was explicitly about his wife was enough.

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3 responses to ““I love to see you dress before the mirror”

  1. Jordy

    Good post, Bailey. I like the fiddle from this era (is that Scarlet Rivera?). I recently got the Hard Rain live album. It’s pretty much worthless when compared to the Rolling Thunder Revue recordings released in the Bootleg Series.

    Lester Bangs wrote a scathing critique of Dylan’s sympathy for (and misrepresentation of) Joey Gallo. It shows up the Bangs reader “Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste.”

  2. I think one can safely infer that the fiddle player on this particular track is Scarlet Rivera, as she played on all the other Desire tracks.

    I will have to look up that Bangs piece. I did find a reference to it on Wikipedia whilst performing my due diligence for this post. Sounds like Lester and I agree.

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