“I’ll climb the hill in my own way”

Pink Floyd – “Fearless” from Meddle (1971)

This song is motivated by one of the coolest guitar rhythms in the Pink Floyd canon. Its insistence is a terrific counterpoint to the drifting of the preceding track, “A Pillow of Winds.” And these touching vocals are some of the last vestiges of the psychedelic Floyd before they broke (fabulously) into the mainstream with Dark Side of the Moon in 1973.

I could do without the King and I singalong at the end and, indeed, the following two tracks on Meddle (“San Tropez” and “Seamus”) are throwaways. But that makes the majestic “Echoes” all the more redeeming.

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UPDATE: Years ago, I bought a VHS tape of “Live at Pompeii” (now available on DVD) that had some pretty cool performances of Meddle songs.  You can watch a lot of it on YouTube.  The music is terrific and the overwrought shots of bubbling mud, frescoes, and a shirtless David Gilmore are pretty funny.

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2 responses to ““I’ll climb the hill in my own way”

  1. path12

    I think the singalong at the end is from a Liverpool football match — their fan’s team song is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. I like it myself but get why others wouldn’t.

    Also, San Tropez may be a throwaway, but I’ve always been fond of it, if for no other reason that sunny day singalong Pink Floyd songs are so few and far between.

  2. Jordy

    I hear you. San Tropez is a well-written song. I liked it a lot when I first heard the album, but now it seems out of place on the album.

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