John Fahey – “Beverly” from Return of the Repressed: Anthology (1994)

Here’s one of my favorite Fahey tunes (c. 1971) from the excellent Anthology. This genius melody has a real melancholy positivity about it. I hope it starts your week right.

More Fahey at SWR

Buy it here

Item: I just ordered a USB turntable and hope to have some good vinyl transfers on the site within the next month or so.

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  1. Adam Bailey

    I just got a turntable of my own hooked up. I’ve had the thing for just about two years, but its been sitting around gathering dust until about a month ago now. Since then I’ve been scouring the local record stores and flea markets for good buys (I picked up Yes’ “Fragile” for a whopping $1). The first song I listened to on it was “Happiness is a Warm Gun.” I immediately noticed how much warmer and fuller the sound is coming from a record as opposed to an mp3. Vinyl is a great way to listen to music.

  2. Adam Bailey

    I also got “Sticky Fingers” complete with working zipper. I’ve actually had that one hanging on my wall for quite some time. The record itself is scratched to hell, but the cover still looks good on my wall.

  3. Jordy

    Yeah – the sound can be a lot better depending on the quality of the vinyl. On the downside, vinyl can’t match the decibel volume of a CD.

    As for MP3s, I’ve noticed a very significant difference in the richness of sound at higher bit rates (almost all of mine are at 192 kbps). So if you’ve got the storage, I recommend importing CDs (and all media) at that rate rather than 128 or even 160.

    Anyone else care to weigh in on these issues?

    I would appreciate any tips on what software (I have Audacity) and settings to use for vinyl to MP3 recording.

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