“You are my center when I spin away”

Liars – “A Visit From Drum” from Drum’s Not Dead [2006]
Radiohead – “Videotape” from In Rainbows [2008]

Jordy once closed an email with the salutation, “well, i’m going to see radiohead in like five minutes, so bye.” What a jerk. Now I get to be that jerk.

I saw Radiohead in Charlotte, NC, on Friday night. It blows my mind to learn that there were as many people at that show as there were living IN MY ENTIRE HOMETOWN. It’s both awesome and depressing in a way I can’t quite put my finger on.

The Audio/Visual Heads played a pretty damn good set–the kind of music you get lost in. The Liars were also phenomenal–they sound really good in an outdoor arena. Kind of surprising. I recommend this tour to any and all, if you have the means.

N.B. The photo above does not represent what the stage looks like on this tour. The only photo I took was with my cell phone and it just looks like a blue square.

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One response to ““You are my center when I spin away”

  1. Adam Bailey

    Got my Radiohead tickets in the mail the other day. August 8 is the day. Its a big outdoor festival, but I am really only going to see Radiohead, since I haven’t heard of 95% of the other bands who are playing said festival.

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